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Karoo’s was established in June 2020 due to a realisation during the Coronavirus Pandemic of how important our British producers are to our economy & the fact that many businesses had little or no access to sell their products online. This was  an especially difficult time for small independent producers & shop owners who had to close their shop doors.

So from our love of British made products & the people who make & sell them, it became our mission to give every Small Business Owner & Manufacturer the opportunity to sell their products direct to the consumer wishing to buy British products online.

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Karoo's British Marketplace Concept

One Website

Bring hundreds of British store owners together in one place

Amazing Choice

Give our customers endless choices from a range of British made products

Easy Secure Checkout

Checkout safely & securely using your credit/debit card.

Fast Delivery

Sit back & wait for your purchases to arrive

A Team of Passionate Shopaholics & Food Fanatics

Having such a passionate customer services team who shares our goal to help British businesses succeed in todays demanding market is only the first step in bringing our customers the ultimate online shopping experience.

COVID-19 Hits
Coronavirus hits the world sending the UK into LOCKDOWN
The Start
Karoo's Founder Luke Hayman taught himself Website Design & Google Analytics
The Idea
With the Covid-19 devastation sweeping the country & many small producers left with nowhere to turn, Luke decided to use his new skills to try and help.
Karoo's Is Completed
After months of hard work and many mistakes Karoo's was complete. Now began the hard work finding British producers to join! Our first Vendor came through Facebook, Meso Men Haircare Products.
The Launch
Karoo's gets launched as online Marketplace to the public now with 47 Vendors & over 1100 British products

Our Mission

It is our mission to give Farm Shops, Small Business Owners & Manufactures a platform to sell their products direct to the consumer online.

Giving UK customers a wide range of British products to purchase that they may never had discovered.

Searching For Amazing British Products

Our product sourcing team works endlessly to discover Great British products to bring to our store to give our shoppers an extensive range of homegrown choice.

Do you have a product that you would like to sell? Join our family & create your online store today!


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